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I’ve got my new box up as well as running. I set up it on Monday afternoon as well as started looking into OSx86 considering that I wished to triple boot the box with XP MCE as well as Linux. After walking into a number of dead ends I made a decision to stop for the day. Tuesday came as well as I made a decision instead of messing with OSx86 as well as getting a MCE bootleg I would take the simple route: set up Gentoo. First, I grabbed a tarball from the Jackass! job which uses optimized toolkits  (I’ve developed them by hand before). I had laid out my partition plan the night before, so a lot of of the set up preparation was done. I made sure to leave two 20GB main partitions for OSx86 as well as XP if I choose to set up them in the future. The only modification I made of the Jackass default was utilizing the “-march=nocona” compiler flag for Pentium 4 EM64T. After the base install, I installed X.org, fluxbox, as well as firefox. then I promptly began folding!

Team Hack-A-Day continues to improve: Lazy_Folder started on Dec. 1st as well as has already moved into the top 10 for everyday production. The forum is growing as well: yesterday we saw a woman.

Lumenlab has released their LCD projector
পরিকল্পনা সমূহ. I only mention this since the site comes up whenever we mention the words lcd as well as projector
এর চারপাশে. I haven’t had a look yet, however the
instructions are obviously chock full of “more details in our forums”, which you have to pay for.

Linksys has started selling the WRT54GL as their
Linux design considering that they’ve changed to vxware on their primary product line. It’s great understanding you won’t have to assumption what
is inside the box when buying a new router. It’s great timing too, considering that OpenWRT
has a new, attractive GUI. inspect out
the developer’s screencast.

[bugloaf] kept in mind my affinity for living in shipping containers as well as sent along Adam Kalkin’s push button House:
first seen on Future Feeder
and then, with a lot more pictures, on Inhabitat.

Usually I pass on stories with sensational headlines like “Fed wiretaps defeated by intermittent beeping”. Luckily,
Dan has the full details of exactly how this assault works.

Cracker Jack has been discovering some hardware
design weirdness in the new 360. things like EEPROM not being discovered on the premium even though it appears on the
মূল. I’m guessing this was a running modification in production, however why?

Anina is a fashion model/Unix hacker trying to
push fashion towards high tech. সে ছিল
interviewed for NerdTV #9.

QuickSynergy is a GUI for quickly configuring Synergy2, a seamless
keyboard mouse switch. I never believed the original was that difficult to set up, however if this gets a lot more people to use
Synergy, a lot more power to them. [via TUAW]

With a bit soldering you can utilize any type of headset you want with the
Xbox 360. Mine has been crackling considering that day one. [মাধ্যমে

Extremetech has a guide
on situation painting.

The Red Ferret Journal has details on the Pedgen I pedal powered

Try ruby! (in your browser) was a bit as well prominent when I very first tried it.
Also, complimentary programming video tutorials [via

Upgrade your Dell 700m to DVDRW for just $80.
The drives look different, however that’s since Dell has added some additional cladding.

DIY USB Lassen SQ GPS receiver [kerry s]

Did you occur to catch our friend [Matt Gilbert]’s
scroll bar scarf as it made the rounds earlier in the

The people from DVguru admitted that their
external SATA RAID
array how-to isn’t a hack, however they sent it in anyway understanding that we wouldn’t be able to consist of our hardware

I saw links to Linux Journal’s terabyte backup server in a
couple different places. The “terabyte” in the title is just fluff. The post is truly only beneficial to see exactly how you
can utilize rsync or samba to backup your network.

MenuetOS is an OS written completely in 64bit assembly. [স্টিভ]

Russian difficult drive clock No, it isn’t
that exceptionally great one. turning a hard
drive into a clock seems to be extremely common. [Fred

[Robert Oschler] has a demo video of using
voice commands with a Robopet robot dog.

Adding a 3.5mm audio
jack to a Treo 650 [anonimo]

I don’t believe Google has admitted it yet, however others have figured out that
Google’s antivirus is being supplied by Sophos.

If you are planning on getting some heavy rack gear off of eBay you should
search for products near your zip code as well as do regional pickup.

Shufflephones 3.0

raphnet developed a controller for a single Nixie
নল. চারপাশে তাকাও; they’ve got some
old console hacks too. [h-tech]

[adrenalin] commented on racking stuff in IKEA
furniture. I have looked into this before: the

OPPLI TV bench will in shape 17″ large audio components, however you’ll have to utilize the

OPPLI single system if you want to install19 “পাগল।

আমি জিমেইলতে একটি “WTF” লেবেল আছে যা আমি বিশেষ করে এটির মত ধারণাগুলির জন্য ব্যবহার করি:

নাম: Bunnyranch Dennis

ইমেইল: dennis@bunnyranch.com.


বিষয়: ব্ল্যাকবেরি 8700C আনলক করুন

হ্যাক সাইট:

HBO এর ক্যাথাউস এর বড়দের সহায়তা করুন। আমি একটি cingular 8700c প্রদান করা হয়

আমেরিকান মিউজিক অ্যাওয়ার্ডস পাশাপাশি আমার টি মোবাইল দুদকের উপর এটি ব্যবহার করতে চান।

ঠিক কিভাবে আমি এটা আনলক করবেন?

সাহায্য করুন !!!!!

আমি দুঃখিত. আমরা এখানে কাজ যে ধরনের না।

সব টিপস জন্য ধন্যবাদ!

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